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Panaro MAX® Private labeling

Panaro MAX®

Your own branded cases

All MAX® Cases are supplied with a recess where a label can be positioned as standard. In this way you create a private label case line. Also consider marking cases, adding numbering or specifying a case model.

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Panaro MAX® Customization

Panaro MAX®

Let us customize your case

Electronics, preparations and extra’s. Customization is fundamental to our customers. That’s why we constantly strive to offer new solutions by personalizing MAX® cases.

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Panaro MAX® Academy Education

Panaro MAX®

All the knowledge for you and your team

Become a certified MAX® expert with our dedicated online courses. We help you become an expert in IP67 waterproof robust cases.

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Panaro MAX® Spare Parts

Panaro MAX®

The fastest way to replacement parts

Our extensive library of spare parts is designed to get you the replacement for any MAX® part, with same-day shipping and premium service.

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Panaro MAX® Custom Foam Inlays

Panaro MAX®

Casefoam inserts for superior protection

Perfect fit foams are fabricated using one or more of our different methods. We use waterjet, CNC milling or lasercutting to get the best result for your case. With laser engraving we can apply custom branding with your logo or specifications.

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Panaro MAX® Drop Shipping

Panaro MAX®

Everything you need to complete your webshop

Sameday shipping from The Netherlands. Add the complete MAX® collection to your online catalogue and let us take care of the stock and fulfillment for you.

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