You can have over + 50.000 MAX® cases virtually on stock.
You can ship out the same day.
You can have the best European rates available.
You can...

with our drop shipment program.

Sell MAX® cases on your webshop

Every case leaving our drop-shipment warehouse can be customized with your private label. The private label options are noted in this brochure.

Confirm order and send documents

When you made the sale to your client, you just place the order with our warehouse and send your packing list.

Sameday shipping

All confirmations made before 16:00 hrs (CET) will ship the same day from our warehouse in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.

Partnership application form (#6)

MAX® Dropshipment Application Form

Thank you for your interests in MAX® Cases drop shipping. 

To get started, please complete all fields accordingly. We will review and get in touch with your shortly. If you are unsure about any of the answers, please use an estimation.