MAX® cases can be printed well. With a print you clearly indicate what’s in the suitcase, you prominently advertise your brand or make a clear distinction. We print the cases using screen printing. A screen print has good opacity on a dark background, is scratch-resistant and has a good price ratio! And just like most of our services, you can find the prices in our price list. Curious if your logo is printable or do you want to receive a free digital sample? Then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently asked questions

We can print up to 3 colors on the case MAX 505 and smaller. We can print 1 color on formats from the MAX 520 and higher.
We print the larger cases starting at 25 pieces. Check our price list for the exact quantity for your model.
Yes, you can. If you give us the address of your printer, we can send the cases directly to them.
We can tell you that our engineers and product developers are always looking at new methods. At the moment we are testing with various machines to start digital printing. And yes, then we can even print in full color! Be sure to let us know if you’re interested in this.
For each color and/or design we have to have a so-called ‘sieve’ made. These are one-off costs. Calculation example: I want to print 2 colors on the lid, multiply the ‘sieve’ or ‘screen costs’ by a factor of 2. If you request a quote, we will be happy to show you the exact costs.
Those are the costs that we incur to process the digital file into a print file. We only charge this once per design, per format. Calculation example: You order a MAX 300 and a MAX 540H190, both with 2 colors. In this case you pay 2 times the set-up costs.
Due to the pressure method, we cannot press close to the ribs and edges. We are happy to make a free digital sample for you to show you how big the print will look like. We have these sizes available and our support team will be happy to help!