All MAX® Cases are supplied with a recess where a label can be positioned as standard. In this way you create a private label case line. Also consider marking cases, adding numbering or specifying a case model. This option is prominently featured on all models.
We have two production lines to manufacture these labels:

Doming Glossy

Doming Glossy, a good adhesive sticker that is printed in full color. After printing, a glossy resin layer is poured over the sticker to give it a thick luxurious appearance.

Flat Matte

Flat matte, a permanently adhesive vinyl we print in full color. After printing, a matte laminate is applied over the sticker.
Both stickers have a luxurious look, are scratch resistant and give the cases their own identity.
Because we digitally produce the stickers, it is already possible to order this option for small quantities! Give it a try and order them with your next job.

Frequently asked questions

We have 3 sizes. A small oval on the grip series. A medium rectangle with corner radius and from the MAX 380, the large size rectangle with corner radius fits on the cases.
Absolute! You often know best what it should look like. Ask us for the design template.
The EKO cases can also be carried out with a private label.
As standard, we provide the recess with a PANARO label. Should a private label be ordered, we will replace it.
We like clarity so we’ve included all prices in our price list. You can find them on the page “Private labels”.
By default we leave this space empty. If you would like to see a Max label on it, we will provide it free of charge. Please indicate this when ordering.
We are of course happy to think along with you. It is definitely recommended to order a larger number of stickers. This will allow you to quickly take advantage. We then keep the stickers in stock for you and stick them on the suitcases prior to delivery. We will contact you if the stickers are almost finished. If you also want a number of stickers yourself, please let us know when you order. Then we’ll add a few.